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I don’t have any pictures - it was a very strict NO PHOTOGRAPHY kinda job but if you haven’t heard, Motley Crue has a new album releasing called Nashville Outlaws. Here is a bit about it via Loudwire:

 Motley Records, Eleven Seven Music and Big Machine Records are collaborating to put out the disc, which is titled ‘Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue.’ The country covers collection features 15 songs featuring such country superstars as Florida Georgia LineBig & RichGretchen WilsonDarius RuckerRascal Flatts and more and it will be released on July 8.” 
So we did three sets - one for Jake Owen’s “Beachin’” full of tiki-everything and surf boards galore, Motley Crue black & metal rock-n-roll, and Cole Swindell’s summer hit “Chillin’ It” with classic country-everything. Anyways, it was another crazy fun one. If you see it the performances at the upcoming 2014 CMA fest, let me know how ya liked it!  **A little insider secret fun fact - all  three were shot in the same venue, we just dressed & masked parts to look like three completely different bars! Can you tell?

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Art Director: Rob Sawyer
Buyer / Set Dresser: Diana Rice
Carpenters: Macon Murphee & Adriaan Harsta
Art Asst.: Owen Jackson

People Magazine details the props I styled for Blake Shelton's latest music video

I love my job as a prop styler and set decorator for music videos and commercials based in Nashville. It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of this industry, but I love finding myself stopped in a moment, realizing I am in some bizarre and absurd circumstance that I definitely could not have anticipate when I woke up that morning. You never know what a day will bring.

Near the end of the standard 12-hour prep day to gather all the props and dressings for the following day’s shoot, I realized I would be making margaritas and cooking fajitas with Blake Shelton on set. It was definitely one of those, ‘OK, my job is pretty damn fun” moments.

However, endlessly sweeping up eight bouquets’ worth of rose petals was another story.

Watch "Doin’ What She Likes" here:

The Crew! 
Art Director - Rob Sawyer
Set Carpenters - Travis Jones, Clint Thompson, Macon Murphree
(Who built a bathroom in the middle of a field just to watch it burn.)

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